Sunday, March 30, 2008

Craft (Af)fair

Yesterday was the 1st Annual Craft (Af)fair in Oxford, Ohio.

We got set up by about 11 and man was it cold. The sun was about and tricked me into thinking it was going to be a warm, summery kind of day. It wasn't. In fact, the wind blew so hard it felt like it was in the 30s all day. We powered through the first two hours and eventually I got so numb it didn't matter what temperature it was anymore. A lot of people stopped by our table and had tons of positive things to say about the shirts, which was fantastic. We're grateful for anyone who took the time to rummage around (and extremely grateful to those people who ran to grab things as they blew away).

The little knuckle buster I bought worked out, although I was so frantic to make sure I was processing cards fast enough that a couple girls skirted away with one free shirt. Lucky ducks. I love free stuff. I wish I got free shirts. This whole episode prompted me to panic because I absolutely hate myself when I make stupid mistakes (which is fairly often). I ended up yelling "I fucked it up!" which I think ran at least 2 people away from the booth, thinking I was losing my mind. Probably a safe assumption at the time. Very unprofessional of me and I was forced to chide myself. As you may know, when you're your own boss there's no one else to wag their finger at you.

We sold some shirts to a member of 64 South who said he's always looking for great stuff to wear on stage. They're working on getting a gig at Stadium. Hopefully that works out for them and they'll get a chance to play in town. If they do we might be designing and printing some shirts for them which would be incredible.

We were trying to get out of there at about 3 because it was so cold, but a few people came by and said they were going to be back, so we held out. Thank God we did, because we made a whole lot more sales waiting for a guy to come back. It's funny how things work out like that.

My parents came up for the occasion and Mom snapped some pictures. You can see how inviting it was to buy a t-shirt. Sam's wrapped up in, count them, 2 blankets and we're both drinking hot chocolate. I even wore that stupid hat I hate (it's too small) because my ears were going to snap off.

Thanks to everybody at Green Oxford for putting the thing together and letting us hang out. Thanks to all the people who came by and we're glad so many people enjoyed looking through our hard work. We'll see y'all next year!

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